Don’t you hate it when you can’t find what you’re looking for, especially online?

As we continue to grow and develop in this era of technology and innovation, it’s easy to become accustomed to having all the answers splayed out before us at the end of our fingertips. After all, nearly everything is just a Google search away, right? Well what happens when you can’t find that piece of information you’re looking for, who do you turn to?

Interestingly enough, it’s these types of situations that spark some of the most innovative, creative, and out-there solutions. While most of us often try to avoid the roadblocks in our lives, they can actually be some of our best sources of inspiration. At least, they definitely were for our host-of-the-hour today…
Nathan Shields is a physical therapist who has worked in the medical industry for over 19 years. Although he currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska, he also owns and manages four clinics in Northern Arizona.
Talk about a busy schedule.
In fact, it was this hectic schedule that led Nathan a search for answers. Trying to balance the complications of being both a business owner and an active practitioner more strenuous and time-consuming than he could have anticipated. So naturally, he did what any of us would do; he fired up his keyboard and went looking for digital wisdom.
“I’ve always enjoyed the business aspect of physical therapy ownership, and when I got into podcasts a few years ago, I immediately looked for something that was specific to ownership in the podcast sphere.”
Nathan was already well-acquainted with the in’s and out’s of being a physical therapist, what he needed help figuring out what was how to adjust to the business component as well. What would later be, perhaps, a blessing in disguise Nathan recalls:
 “I was very disappointed with what was out there. I wanted to hear about PT-owner success stories, best practices, and insights about where the industry was headed. I wasn’t getting any of that stuff.”
So, in true entrepreneurial spirit, Nathan set out to start his own podcast, one that would fill in the gaps not only for himself, but for all the other aspiring physical therapy practitioners looking to make the leap into owning a business. What he didn’t realize at first, however, was that when it comes to starting a podcasting there’s more to it than just picking up a microphone: “After trying on and off for a few months to do a lot of the technical stuff on my own, I realized it just wasn’t my gig… And then I found Brandcasters and thought, ‘well this is a perfect fit’ and that’s what got me over the hurdle to finally do the podcast.”

A few months later, and Nathan’s very own podcast,Physical Therapy Owners Club, was well underway. Since beginning his journey, Nathan has come a long way and so naturally, we were eager to find out what tips, tricks and advice he might offer to someone approaching their first episode.

Here are a few thoughts Nathan had to offer:

1) Confidence Comes From Doing It

Nearly everyone who starts podcasting, initially, Nathan hated the sound of his own voice on the recordings. Too high, too scratchy, plain not right. The truth is, that when you first start podcasting everything is going to feel a bit off kilter. No one swaggers into their first few episodes and delivers them with ease (at least not that we’ve seen). Confidence in your voice, in your skills as an interviewer and in your show itself, all comes from repeated and consistent effort.

2) Quantity Over Quality?

    Yes, you read that right! Nathan may be on to something here. This idea is congruent
. It’s natural to have high hopes and aspirations to provide your
, but that also requires that you regularly record new episodes and work at
. That means putting out new episodes even if you
100% stellar about them. Keep recording and keep putting content out here.
As Nathan puts it, “When you’re not embarrassed by it, you waited too long.”

3) Get The Help You Need

Nathan was not at all shy to admit that when it came to the technical components of
, it just wasn’t his thing, and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that! What holds a lot of would-be back from accomplishing their goals, is not getting the assistance they need. “I really appreciated the ease of which you guys integrated the submission and automation process, all my the technology off my hands was really helpful.” If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Get the help you need and get your podcast off the ground today.
Lastly, if you’re interested in physical therapy or just want to check out what Nathan has been up to, we recommend starting with one of his most viewed podcast episodes: The Three Issues Negatively Impacting PT Owners.