Podcast Voice Matters with Dr. Miluna Fausch

  We all have goals with our podcasts. Some of us aspire to become an authority in a particular niche or simply become an influencer that provides inspiration to other people. However, not many can effectively reach these goals because of one important thing, the voice. Our podcast voice matters in building influence and authority....... Read More

A Unique Approach to Spiritual Healing with Debra Graugnard

All too often in life, the methodically structured and meticulously organized plans we make for ourselves seem to, well, unravel right in front of our eyes. As frustrating as it may be at times, it’s the nature of being human to never really know what’s around the next bend, or where its divergent path might...... Read More

Playing to Your Strengths with Michael Zipursky

For the average consumer, getting professional, dependable advice usually means seeking out a consulting firm – and paying the subsequent fees, of course. But just where do the veteran consultant companies, experts and top 1% go when they themselves have unanswered questions? Well, to Michael Zipursky. Author of the Amazon Best-Seller, The Elite Consulting Mind,...... Read More

Super Brand Publishing: Podcasting Your Way To A Book with Juliet Dillon Clark

  There are so many things that podcasters do out there that doesn’t serve their interest. It’s the same with authors and speakers. There are so many tools that the world gives you that’s not serving your best interest and serving your overall. Your authority and ability to sell your books or your speeches or...... Read More

Building Podcast Impact with Wendy Lipton-Dibner

  Underneath everything we have done as podcasters, what we most want is for us to have an impact on other people’s lives. That is the true measure of success and Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. shows the ways and importance of building podcast impact. As a bestselling author, internationally-recognized authority on business acceleration, President and CEO...... Read More

Aleah Ava – Addicted To Love?

Who are you when you’re not chasing after love? For many of us, it’s a question we would likely never stop to consider; our lives are simply too busy. Crammed with deadlines and to-do lists, maybe we’d even go so far as to shelve romance as a “luxury”. Yet, with the rising popularity of dating...... Read More

Apple Top Podcast Charts

  We’ve all encountered a number of promises from various marketing sources offering some hacks that could get your podcast top the Apple charts. But these promises tend to not live up to what they say, and so you need to pay extra close attention to this: know the difference between subscribers and listeners. Many...... Read More

Skip To Position: How PowerPress Plugins Affect Your Show

  In this day and age, sticking to one platform for your business or show is not enough. People are everywhere; that is why you need to spread out more to get more connection and reach more people. This method is called syndication; and here, we break down the things you need to know about...... Read More

The Sweet Science of Humor (and Podcasting) with Peter McGraw

“What’s so funny?” For Peter McGraw, Associate Professor of Marketing at CU Boulder, the question is not a rhetorical one. Peter’s research into the field of human behavior and decision making led him on a quest for answers to an age-old question: What is it exactly that makes people funny? Before we can answer that...... Read More

Leveraging Publicity, Podcast Interviews And Press Articles

  Many people don’t make the most out of the publicity and the press they get. You know how hard it is to get someone to write about you; it’s a little easier getting podcast interviews. Still, leveraging publicity and those interviews as well is important. What can you do to make the most out...... Read More
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