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Behavior, Podcasting, and Influence with Jon Levy

What happens when you mix a behavioral scientist with Indiana Jones? As Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness, said, Jon Levy is what happens. Podcasting and behavioral science might at first glance appear to be two diametrically opposite ideas, have actually become one man’s supplementary marketing strategy in a......

Building a Speaker Platform One Episode at a Time

John Livesay’s Podcast Is Pitch Perfect   Few things in life can compare to the satisfaction of watching your hard work come to fruition. For John Livesay, honorably dubbed “The Pitch Whisperer”, the journey to becoming a renowned podcast host, keynote sales speaker, and storytelling guru was no exception. A rising star in several of......
FYB 63 | Pro Speaking Tips

Pro Speaking Tips For Women

  Some, if not most of us here, aspire to be speakers some day to impart to the world the things we can add to the greater knowledge and to ultimately inspire. Yet it can be challenging to do it, especially if you’ve never had formal training or if you find how most of the......
FYB 62 | Podcast Selling Tips

Tactical And Strategic Podcast Selling Tips with Mark S A Smith

  Disruption is happening all around us all the time. When we look at the things that are going on in the social world and the way that the world is marketing today, the way that we’re selling is disrupting and everything is upending itself. Business growth strategist Mark S A Smith has been at......
FYB 61 | Podcast Episode Order

Does Podcast Episode Order Really Matter?

  Many people who want to get into podcasting would naturally overlook this question: “Does Podcast episode order really matter?” Tracy dives in deep and gives you answers by saying it does while taking you into the steps on how to do it. The order is the journey you want to take your listeners to.......
FYB 60 | Podcast Brand Authority

What Does Podcast Brand Authority Really Mean?

  People who are starting their podcasts or even those who are still thinking of it yet must know the importance of podcast brand authority. In fact, it is one of the motivators why people start their podcasting. It helps establish them to become an authority or an expert in their industries. However, this is......
FYB 59 | Switching RSS Feeds

Switching Podcast RSS Feeds

  As podcasters, one of the nightmares that could happen is to find your newly published episode gone on iTunes or Google play or other distribution channels. This could happen when your switching podcast hosts without minding your RSS feeds, the backbone of your podcast. When not executed properly, you may end up losing most......
FYB 57 | Best Podcast Interview Questions

Structuring The Best Podcast Interview Questions

When you talk about what makes the best podcast interview questions, you have to talk about the mindset that goes into it. A curious mindset is always the best place to start. Being in that growth mindset helps set the tone for everything you do. You have to look at it from the perspective of......
FYB 56 | YouTube Advertising

The Secrets To YouTube Advertising with John Belcher

YouTube is an amazing advertising platform and the video consumption is incredible. However, there are a lot of question marks in people’s minds about YouTube and YouTube advertising. John Belcher of AdSkills has a brilliant strategy for how you can advertise to get more subscribers to your channel. AdSkills is a company that not only......
FYB 55 | AdSkills

AdSkills: The Power Of Social Media Advertising with John Belcher

It’s great to have a podcast, it’s great to have a blog. All those things are fantastic in working to get organic traffic, but at some point, you got to start paying for stuff and the ones that are doing better are paying. While working for the Google AdWords team, John Belcher saw a gap......
FYB 55 | The Title Trap

The Title Trap

A trend we’re seeing especially with a lot of newbie or beginner podcasters has to do with how they format the title of their episode. It’s what we call The Title Trap that some people seem to be falling into. New podcasters are creating the titles for their first three, six, or ten episodes trying......
FYB 55 | Podcast Host

How to Get Podcast Hosts to Want You as Their Guest

We have been producing podcasts for a long time now, with over 530 episodes and counting in the past couple of years. Over that period of time, we have invited many guests from diverse industries to our shows and have succeeded in having meaningful discussions with them that brought immense value not just to our......
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