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Brand Safety: Preparing Your Podcast for Advertisers

FYB 052 | Brand Safety

For marketing and advertising firms, there’s this big awareness for brand safety, thinking about your brand or your show and preparing it to be friendly for advertisers to want to have. It’s not just about the technical aspects but also the bigger picture issue regarding your brand and how it’s perceived and will be perceived by advertisers. You’re going into podcasting because you intend to be an influencer of some kind. Whether or not your intent is to take actual advertisement from major brands or brands that are out there, you’re going to be an advertising platform for your own joint venture partners. You want to be a good partner and a responsible influencer to your listeners. With that comes a lot of consideration from the beginning. Learn the considerations that you need to have some background information on and what brand safety really is all about.

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How a Virtual Summit Can Help Promote Your Brand With Liz Carter

FYB 051 | Virtual Summit

Top-notch digital strategist Liz Carter lets us in on how to maximize a virtual summit’s benefits for your speakers, registrants, and your brand in this episode of the Feed Your Brand podcast. Liz discusses how she organized a successful virtual summit with over 3000 attendees, despite having only 60 people on her email list. Disenchanted with corporate America after more than ten years as a digital marketer, she took the leap and is now a free agent who is passionate about helping women conquer the digital world, as well as in helping grow businesses with actionable strategies that promote authenticity and collaboration to create a genuine relationship with your audience. She details strategies on promoting your brand by being recognized as a thought leader and how virtual summits are an excellent tactic to grow your email list, which is still at the core of converting leads.

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The Best And Worst Podcast Websites

FYB 050 | Podcast Websites

When you’re starting a podcast, it’s important to consider a few things such as what podcast platform to use and also the pros and cons of them. The whole idea of podcast websites is not only are they trying to simplify the creation of a website, but they’re trying to give you a one-stop shop for hosting your podcast and your website and publishing your podcast episodes to iTunes, Stitcher, Google play, and all that, and publishing your blog post at the same time. Our top three criteria for choosing a podcast website are it needs to be Google-friendly, it should be very easy to add content on a regular basis, and it should support your primary domain or main URL because you’re building equity into your website. Read on to learn more about choosing the best podcast website and to check out our best and worst list.

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Authority Website Power, The Reality of Organic SEO, with Sean Kavanaugh of Income Store

FYB 049 | Authority Website Power

Google will find you if you do a great job indexing yourself and if you show up and deliver the service or product that you are marketing. Getting 50,000 searches isn’t impressive to Sean Kavanaugh. It means you’re popular and that’s all. What he says you need to ask yourself is are you there for those people that find you valuable? Sean explains how authority website power has been misunderstood. The common misconception has been that if someone types their name on Google, they need to come up first. Content marketing goes beyond that and helps you capture people who don’t know about you, but need your service or product.

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To YouTube Podcasts, Or Not To YouTube Podcasts?

FYB 048 | YouTube Podcasts

Should you YouTube podcasts or should you not? If you look at it from the SEO standpoint, you should. Google owns YouTube. Every keyword and every tag you use when you publish that video will show up in Google when people are searching for that keyword or tag. This means you get more visibility. As a podcaster, it is always a smart choice to re-purpose your content in whatever way possible and in as many places as possible. Whether you’re doing a live video or just a pre-recorded one, going for a YouTube podcast is an easy step to make if you’re aiming for more Google power.

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Selecting Blog Categories For Visibility And Relevance

FYB 047 | Selecting Blog Categories

A big part of digital marketing strategies is to use blogs to get your website listed and ranked higher in any Google keyword searches. Selecting blog categories is very important, especially if you’re already on 50 episodes, because it helps your audience when they are searching for a specific topic. The right blog category can help your ranking in Google search if a keyword phrase is configured to focus on that blog post. Another important aspect of podcast blogs are tags which are words that are identified to be relevant to the post. It’s similar to when you are posting a video on your YouTube channel, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. They use the same tag system when they index an episode out.

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