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Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018: A Recap Of People, Events And Technologies

FYB 040 | Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018

A lot of businesses are now looking at podcasting as an effective tool for marketing their brand. What’s cooler about this is more people are starting to listen to podcasts. So if you are an entrepreneur of any level and brand, podcasting is a leveled playing field. This was one of the most important messages sent during the Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018. It doesn’t matter if you’re an indie podcaster going up against a corporate produced show, you can compete and build an audience by the thousands who are loyal and engaged to your brand. Learn what Facebook Live is going to be doing different this year and what Feed Your Brand’s number one student has learned from the event.

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Finding Your Confidence, Finding Your Voice with Chelsea Lee Rock

FYB 039 | Finding Your Voice

Every podcaster needs to sound confident because they are marketing their show using their voice. Having a “fake it till you make it” attitude can work, but only to a certain degree. Confidence Queen Chelsea Lee Rock’s solution is to find a confidence booster that will help you find the power to get your message gets across. To do this, think about the positive things that you like about yourself and build on that. Instead of saying “This is stupid,” say “This is brilliant!” Chelsea shares her experiences and insights using her voice as a career to help you build professional techniques as a podcaster.

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Sensory Branding: How To Be Noticed, Remembered, and Desired With Gerry Foster

FYB 038 | Sensory Branding

The brand of a product, service or content delivers a promise to the consumer. It needs to be there from the very beginning so that people know that you are different and relevant and they will choose you over your competition. Expert in sensory branding Gerry Foster believes that once you pinpoint your uniqueness and elevate it, clients will go to you and think that you are the better choice. Business owners as well as podcasters need to see a clear vision of what their brand is so that they can take their clients and listeners from where they are to where they want to go to. Learn why people have preferences for their favorite brands and how the three levels of branding can separate you from the competition.

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The Art of Storytelling For Your Business with Courtney Paige Ray

FYB 037 | Art of Storytelling

Keeping your brand in line and sending out your message is essential for every business owner. Having a visual representation of your message can help in attracting your target audience, and it makes for great and inspiring aesthetics as well. Impactful photographs is another faction within the art of storytelling. With Facebook and Instagram, the power of photos have become even greater to deliver a message, evoke emotions and reflect personalities. That is why a photograph is not just a photograph for award-winning portrait photographer Courtney Paige Ray. There is a story around it. Learn how Courtney beautifully captures emotions and attitudes that send a clear message and connect with people.

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Podcast Launch PR Boost with Dave Farrow

FYB 036 | Podcast Launch PR

Getting your business noticed and getting it monetized is the main reason why PR has been around for many years. It is considered a message-spreading necessity. Now that podcasts have become a powerful tool to promote and boost a business, hosts need to learn that it’s not about pitching your podcast, but about pitching you and why your podcast is relevant to what is happening in the world. Podcast launch PR expert Dave Farrow pitches the story and not just the expertise, so you can attract listeners and establish a level of familiarity. Learn more ways to get your podcast noticed and monetized.

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Finding Your Authentic Podcast Voice with Athena Rosette

FYB 035 | Podcast Brand Voice
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Podcasts and podcasters have started to move over to that spot where the show doesn’t just entertain, it also influences people to be better and do better. Athena Rosette started her podcast because she wanted to develop a side of her that is internal and thoughtful in a vocal perspective. She was able to connect and grow with her audience by having an authentic podcast voice that soon led her to realize that podcasts can be a platform on a spiritual level. Learn more about Athena’s passion of giving her audience unique experiences as they listen to her show.

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