The Best Podcast Titles: Engage, Educate and Encourage

FYB 024 | Best Podcast Titles

Podcasts are just one of the handful of ways to consume information in this digital age. And just like news, the title needs to tell the story of the episode at one go. Based on proven journalistic, the best podcast titles are short, precise, engaging and educational. Learn the techniques to writing engaging and compelling podcast titles that will pull people in to listen to your stories and lead to more powerful conversions, actions and sales results.

Focus On Podcast Content Value & Your Listeners First! with Jules Schroeder

Instead of getting all the affiliates and sponsors, Jules Schroeder decided to pave a path of her own while enjoying life, love and career by putting herself in the shoes of her listeners and having a podcast content value first approach. Podcasting your way to live events can be both scary and fun, but Jules will show you that focusing on value and the people who listen to you can make it an exciting experience. Never putting on a mask is the best way to show that your podcast is a reflection of the journey you are taking.

Know Your Brand and Start Podcasting Now

FYB 020 | Start Podcasting Now

Figuring out the answer to “Should I do it now or later” means start podcasting now or miss the opportunity for people to listen to you as soon as possible. Doing the right things in the right order isn’t always apparent if you don’t know why you want to podcast in the first place or are unsure what your brand represents. Listen in to Tom and Tracy as they reveal how to overcome a road block every potential podcaster faces.

Facing Your Podcasting Fears

FYB 018 | Podcasting Fears

A very important point that most podcasters encounter at one time or another is podcasting fears, of which there are at least three: 1) the inertia of podcasting where you have all this anxiety of starting and recording that first episode, 2) the fear from thinking guests might not want to come on your show, 3) the last being the question of, “Is anybody actually going to listen to me?” There are some tactics and tools that people can use to get through these. There is a process we use to help push through those fears and get to that great place where you find your voice. It might surprise you to know that some of the smaller podcasts, the podcasts that have tight niches, are the ones that do the best in terms of transaction and conversion. You just need to speak from the heart and have something unique to say. Always realize that there are many benefits to podcasting and there is a path to achieving that.


FYB 006 | Authenticity
The term authenticity is being thrown around a lot, especially in marketing but what does it really mean? So many brands are slaughtering their own brands by not being good to their customers and by not being authentic. It’s hard to hide your authentic self when you’re podcasting or video casting. Your audience who listen to you either on video streams or video or audio programs in a podcast can tell when you’re being authentic and when you’re not. The brands that are more authentic brands are actually doing better. Know more about what it means to be authentic and why that is so important in relating and connecting more with your audience, and learn some pro tips on how to be authentic in your platforms.

Company Brand vs. Podcast Show Brand

FYB 03 | Podcast Show Brand
When you’re in the early stages of considering how you’re going to get your message out to the world, one of the most important thing to have is a branding conversation. Using your company brand as your podcast show brand may not benefit you, unless in special circumstances where your brand really is you. We have seen it be not in your best interest, and it does not do as well if your podcast show brand matches your company name or if there is a clear distinction between the company brand and your podcast show brand and/or videocast brand or whatever that might be. When we see that, they are less effective and they draw less audience. At the end of the day, what you want to talk about is what your company can offer. You want to have an ability to have a broader topic because you can reach more people through that broader topic than you can if you keep it narrow to only what you sell or only what your business is about.