The Sweet Science of Humor (and Podcasting) with Peter McGraw

“What’s so funny?” For Peter McGraw, Associate Professor of Marketing at UC Boulder, the question is not a rhetorical one. Peter’s research into the field of human behavior and decision making led him on a quest for answers to an age-old question: What is it exactly that makes people funny? Before we can answer that...... Read More

Leveraging Publicity, Podcast Interviews And Press Articles

  Many people don’t make the most out of the publicity and the press they get. You know how hard it is to get someone to write about you; it’s a little easier getting podcast interviews. Still, leveraging publicity and those interviews as well is important. What can you do to make the most out...... Read More

Introducing Messenger Marketing: The Hot New Marketing Method with Ian Smith

    Many of us in business are very familiar with using a sales funnel. We’ve all heard about sales funnel and/or used them as ways to market our business, Facebook Messenger marketing using chatbots in particular, which are like ClickFunnels but within Facebook Messenger exclusively. This is becoming increasingly popular because of the rates...... Read More

Efficient Time-Management Strategies For Your Podcast

Efficient Time-Management Strategies For Your Podcast If there’s one resource that everyone can agree is infinitely precious, it’s time. We yearn for more of it, we curse it when it’s gone, we keep track of it, we log it, we live by it. In short, it’s how we organize the minute details of everyday life....... Read More

Explicit Versus Non Explicit Podcasts

  As podcasters, we come to a point where we have to question whether we should list our podcast as explicit or not. Sometimes, no matter how much we keep our show clean, we can’t help but have people come in for an interview and utter words that are unrestrained or uncensored. So where should...... Read More

Solution-Based Podcasting with Nathan Shields

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find what you’re looking for, especially online? As we continue to grow and develop in this era of technology and innovation, it’s easy to become accustomed to having all the answers splayed out before us at the end of our fingertips. After all, nearly everything is just a...... Read More

It’s All About Google Power Content

Whether you like it or not, Google does hold the keys to the castle of marketing on the internet today. All the pay-per-click values are assigned by them, and they are the place that you buy and pay for ads. At the end of the day, the key to ranking on Google and being able...... Read More

Finding Your Niche’ With Marco Santarelli

When it comes to the topic of cultivating a passive income, many eyes have turned towards the power of real estate as a way to capture and sustain financial freedom. For Marco Santarelli, the path before him was clear – and it would begin with a townhouse. At just 18 years old, Santarelli purchased, rehabbed,...... Read More

Your Worst Enemy In Podcasting Is… You?

Is Your Head on Straight? For Liz Hoefer, a Blair Cervical Chiropractic doctor, the question is a literal one. It encompasses both the rhetorical and the physical well-being of your overall health. While Liz’s work focuses primarily on the way your head is situated on your neck, and its alignment in comparison to the desired...... Read More

YouTube Video Titling Best Practices

  In order to be found, you need to be searchable. To be searchable, your brand must transcend across audiences. The online world has made this very crucial. With so many competitions around, it is easier to get drowned and be lost. One of the best places where people search is YouTube and having a...... Read More
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