Brand Safety: Preparing Your Podcast for Advertisers

FYB 052 | Brand Safety

For marketing and advertising firms, there’s this big awareness for brand safety, thinking about your brand or your show and preparing it to be friendly for advertisers to want to have. It’s not just about the technical aspects but also the bigger picture issue regarding your brand and how it’s perceived and will be perceived by advertisers. You’re going into podcasting because you intend to be an influencer of some kind. Whether or not your intent is to take actual advertisement from major brands or brands that are out there, you’re going to be an advertising platform for your own joint venture partners. You want to be a good partner and a responsible influencer to your listeners. With that comes a lot of consideration from the beginning. Learn the considerations that you need to have some background information on and what brand safety really is all about.

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How a Virtual Summit Can Help Promote Your Brand With Liz Carter

FYB 051 | Virtual Summit

Top-notch digital strategist Liz Carter lets us in on how to maximize a virtual summit’s benefits for your speakers, registrants, and your brand in this episode of the Feed Your Brand podcast. Liz discusses how she organized a successful virtual summit with over 3000 attendees, despite having only 60 people on her email list. Disenchanted with corporate America after more than ten years as a digital marketer, she took the leap and is now a free agent who is passionate about helping women conquer the digital world, as well as in helping grow businesses with actionable strategies that promote authenticity and collaboration to create a genuine relationship with your audience. She details strategies on promoting your brand by being recognized as a thought leader and how virtual summits are an excellent tactic to grow your email list, which is still at the core of converting leads.

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The Best And Worst Podcast Websites

FYB 050 | Podcast Websites

When you’re starting a podcast, it’s important to consider a few things such as what podcast platform to use and also the pros and cons of them. The whole idea of podcast websites is not only are they trying to simplify the creation of a website, but they’re trying to give you a one-stop shop for hosting your podcast and your website and publishing your podcast episodes to iTunes, Stitcher, Google play, and all that, and publishing your blog post at the same time. Our top three criteria for choosing a podcast website are it needs to be Google-friendly, it should be very easy to add content on a regular basis, and it should support your primary domain or main URL because you’re building equity into your website. Read on to learn more about choosing the best podcast website and to check out our best and worst list.

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Authority Website Power, The Reality of Organic SEO, with Sean Kavanaugh of Income Store

FYB 049 | Authority Website Power

Google will find you if you do a great job indexing yourself and if you show up and deliver the service or product that you are marketing. Getting 50,000 searches isn’t impressive to Sean Kavanaugh. It means you’re popular and that’s all. What he says you need to ask yourself is are you there for those people that find you valuable? Sean explains how authority website power has been misunderstood. The common misconception has been that if someone types their name on Google, they need to come up first. Content marketing goes beyond that and helps you capture people who don’t know about you, but need your service or product.

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To YouTube Podcasts, Or Not To YouTube Podcasts?

FYB 048 | YouTube Podcasts

Should you YouTube podcasts or should you not? If you look at it from the SEO standpoint, you should. Google owns YouTube. Every keyword and every tag you use when you publish that video will show up in Google when people are searching for that keyword or tag. This means you get more visibility. As a podcaster, it is always a smart choice to re-purpose your content in whatever way possible and in as many places as possible. Whether you’re doing a live video or just a pre-recorded one, going for a YouTube podcast is an easy step to make if you’re aiming for more Google power.

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Selecting Blog Categories For Visibility And Relevance

FYB 047 | Selecting Blog Categories

A big part of digital marketing strategies is to use blogs to get your website listed and ranked higher in any Google keyword searches. Selecting blog categories is very important, especially if you’re already on 50 episodes, because it helps your audience when they are searching for a specific topic. The right blog category can help your ranking in Google search if a keyword phrase is configured to focus on that blog post. Another important aspect of podcast blogs are tags which are words that are identified to be relevant to the post. It’s similar to when you are posting a video on your YouTube channel, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. They use the same tag system when they index an episode out.

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Do I Need To Be Concerned With Music Rights?

FYB 046 | Music Rights

Music has completely different copyright laws then when you are publishing a book, an article, or an image. The music industry in America is the most heavily regulated industry when it comes to copyright laws. As a podcaster, you don’t want to mess up this part of your show. As it is your show, you are free to do whatever you want. The last thing that you need is your show taken down without notice because you’ve been doing things that are unethical with music rights. Get educated on what’s acceptable and unacceptable in the legal system of using music for your podcast.

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How To Get More Media Interviews with Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray

FYB 045 | Media Interviews

How do you effectively promote yourself, your business, or your brand? Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are happily married hosts and producers of a several celebrity talk shows where they showcase some of the world’s most successful and influential people. They specialize in positioning clients through the power of media interviews. Maria and Ray take us on a nice tactical tour of what they do and shared that one of the most effective strategies to get media exposure is to use video as a tool to pitch yourself to the media to get interviewed on TV shows.

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Traffic & Conversion Conference 2018 Recap

FYB 044 | Traffic And Conversion Summit

The Traffic & Conversion Summit held in San Diego, California last February 26 to 28, 2018 was very large marketing conference that was attended by over 6,000 people. The event was packed with information and content with a theme that centered around new traffic channels, new conversion breakthroughs, new selling models, and ultra-current breakout sessions on topics such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook video, Live video, email marketing, web blogging, content marketing, podcast strategies, and more. Tom and Tracy share their takeaways and top hacks and tips to attract traffic and increase conversion rates.

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Know Your Audience And Customize Your Message with Dustin Mathews

FYB 043 | Customize Your Message

Marketing is influenced by sales and people act positively when they are influenced positively. Dustin Matthews is on an interview tour, going from one podcast to another, showing entrepreneurs that this is a good and fun way to promote sales and marketing. Podcast guests have this dilemma of sounding like a robot when they put their same message out again and again. Dustin’s simple solution is to customize your message. You can do this by knowing who your audience is and what kind of dialogue they want to engage in. He shares that the best podcasts he’s been on are the ones that made him feel like he was having a conversation with the audience.

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Gaining Influence Through Media Relations with Lucas Miller

FYB 042 | Media Relations

The definition of media relations overlaps public relations in a sense that are both content marketing, content creation and earning coverage for companies to tell people who they are and what they do. These three aspects, visibility, reputation and lead generation are all important work for a podcaster. Lucas Miller, Founder and CEO of Echelon Copy LLC, learned that audiences appreciate brands that are authentic. Next, visibility follows because you are there when people need you to be there. Lucas shares that having a social proof to back you up, and tell clients that people think you are important, is huge if you are looking to gain influence.

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Command Your Brand: Podcast Guesting And PR Combined with Jeremy and Brielle Slate

FYB 041 | Podcast Guesting

As an entrepreneur starting up, it is important to launch on the right runway. Strategically and tactically placing your clients to expand your network is what Jeremy and Brielle Slate do best. Their podcast interview service Command Your Brand helps podcasters become icons in their industry. Jeremy and Brielle share their story of how they got attracted to podcast guesting and explain how your expertise needs to line up with the audience and the host of the podcast you’re getting interviewed on.

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Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018: A Recap Of People, Events And Technologies

FYB 040 | Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018

A lot of businesses are now looking at podcasting as an effective tool for marketing their brand. What’s cooler about this is more people are starting to listen to podcasts. So if you are an entrepreneur of any level and brand, podcasting is a leveled playing field. This was one of the most important messages sent during the Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018. It doesn’t matter if you’re an indie podcaster going up against a corporate produced show, you can compete and build an audience by the thousands who are loyal and engaged to your brand. Learn what Facebook Live is going to be doing different this year and what Feed Your Brand’s number one student has learned from the event.

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Finding Your Confidence, Finding Your Voice with Chelsea Lee Rock

FYB 039 | Finding Your Voice

Every podcaster needs to sound confident because they are marketing their show using their voice. Having a “fake it till you make it” attitude can work, but only to a certain degree. Confidence Queen Chelsea Lee Rock’s solution is to find a confidence booster that will help you find the power to get your message gets across. To do this, think about the positive things that you like about yourself and build on that. Instead of saying “This is stupid,” say “This is brilliant!” Chelsea shares her experiences and insights using her voice as a career to help you build professional techniques as a podcaster.

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Sensory Branding: How To Be Noticed, Remembered, and Desired With Gerry Foster

FYB 038 | Sensory Branding

The brand of a product, service or content delivers a promise to the consumer. It needs to be there from the very beginning so that people know that you are different and relevant and they will choose you over your competition. Expert in sensory branding Gerry Foster believes that once you pinpoint your uniqueness and elevate it, clients will go to you and think that you are the better choice. Business owners as well as podcasters need to see a clear vision of what their brand is so that they can take their clients and listeners from where they are to where they want to go to. Learn why people have preferences for their favorite brands and how the three levels of branding can separate you from the competition.

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The Art of Storytelling For Your Business with Courtney Paige Ray

FYB 037 | Art of Storytelling

Keeping your brand in line and sending out your message is essential for every business owner. Having a visual representation of your message can help in attracting your target audience, and it makes for great and inspiring aesthetics as well. Impactful photographs is another faction within the art of storytelling. With Facebook and Instagram, the power of photos have become even greater to deliver a message, evoke emotions and reflect personalities. That is why a photograph is not just a photograph for award-winning portrait photographer Courtney Paige Ray. There is a story around it. Learn how Courtney beautifully captures emotions and attitudes that send a clear message and connect with people.

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Podcast Launch PR Boost with Dave Farrow

FYB 036 | Podcast Launch PR

Getting your business noticed and getting it monetized is the main reason why PR has been around for many years. It is considered a message-spreading necessity. Now that podcasts have become a powerful tool to promote and boost a business, hosts need to learn that it’s not about pitching your podcast, but about pitching you and why your podcast is relevant to what is happening in the world. Podcast launch PR expert Dave Farrow pitches the story and not just the expertise, so you can attract listeners and establish a level of familiarity. Learn more ways to get your podcast noticed and monetized.

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Finding Your Authentic Podcast Voice with Athena Rosette

FYB 035 | Podcast Brand Voice
Listen to the podcast here:

Podcasts and podcasters have started to move over to that spot where the show doesn’t just entertain, it also influences people to be better and do better. Athena Rosette started her podcast because she wanted to develop a side of her that is internal and thoughtful in a vocal perspective. She was able to connect and grow with her audience by having an authentic podcast voice that soon led her to realize that podcasts can be a platform on a spiritual level. Learn more about Athena’s passion of giving her audience unique experiences as they listen to her show.

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Radio Podcasts vs. Brand Podcasts

FYB 034 | Radio Podcasts
Listen to the podcast here:

Technology and digital marketing is coming full circle once again with radio podcasts coming onto the scene. Podcasts broadcasting live on the radio is not bad thing, but there are some points that might not fit your digital marketing goals. These radio pitfalls are often not seen readily like the following: the content and the type of audience which can sometimes lead to brand confusion between the radio station and the podcaster. The fact the radio shows involve no tech is appealing to many, especially to new podcasters, but there is a need to know what they are getting into and what they will be getting into once they decide to part ways with the station. Learn more of the podcast pros and radio show cons and why there should always be an exit strategy from the very start.

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Digital Marketing Strategies That Pulls In with Jean Ginzburg

FYB 033 | Digital Marketing Strategies

Podcasters building a business usually don’t have a strategy when followers start to pour in, while there are others who aren’t getting enough customers. A good funnel starts with good communication with followers that will help identify an ideal market. Instead of pushing sales faster, adding value to the campaign is a wiser move. Jean Ginzburg has been in the digital market for 11 years and the best-selling author of Win New Customers. She believes that identifying your customer avatar is the first step in good digital marketing strategies. Understand your audience’s pain points and work on those to build a relevant and valuable content. Learn more of her strategies in reading data and optimizing digital campaigns.

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Dealing With Trolls And Podcast Haters

FYB 032 | Podcast Haters

As podcast hosts, it is your right to express your opinion in your show. However there will respond with a negative be people who will be responding in a negative perception. Podcast haters and trolls feed on podcasters who not only have no way to deal with them but also respond back in anger feeding the negative energy. These trolls and haters live to antagonize people and actually find it amusing when a hateful conversation blows out of control. You lose if you don’t respond, and they win once you do. One way around this to take time and check out these haters and trolls, respond with politeness instead of anger. Make it personal and make them realize they’ve made a mistake.

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Ultimate Entrepreneur Strategies: Opportunity Gap Marketing with Jay Abraham

FYB 031 | Opportunity Gap Marketing

Start with purpose, intention and goals. These three can make the difference in any business. Just like marketing and advertisement guru Jay Abraham, every business owner’s goal should be to sustain a relationship with his clients with the intention of being high value provider in the relationship. Being authentic to your brand and finding others who have similar goals and different sources is opportunity gap marketing with power partners. This is the ultimate competitive advantage that truly serves the people. Jay Abraham shares insights on power partnering will make a difference in your business.

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Do You Need A Podcast Mastermind?

FYB 030 | Podcast Mastermind

It is always a great idea to get a mentor or a coach once you decide to get on the path of improvement. Business owners and podcasters are the same because they don’t know what they don’t know and one way to improve is letting someone else in to tell you what you need to do. However, there is no need for a podcast mastermind because they cost too much and are just a bunch of people who are at the same level as you are. What is needed specifically are mentors and coaches that are leagues better, more advanced and diverse, because they can fill in that gap between you and them. There is a need for coaches and mentors because there are podcasters that still feel like they are a novice, and with this comes their understanding that there is room for more learning to do things differently and do things better.

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Podcast Freelancers Unite! with Emily Leach

FYB 029 | Podcast Freelancers

Freelancers deserve a voice in the growing gig economy, but the thing is, they don’t have a place to do this. That’s until Emily Leach came onto the scene and became an advocate for freelancers or the genetically unemployable. Podcast freelancers unite behind her because of her passion to provide support and education for solo-preneurs. Emily shares three valuable things to get sponsorship for your podcast: know your initiative, know what you are offering and know which clients you want.

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Podcast Replays, Worth it?

FYB 028 | Podcast Replays

The holidays are literally just around the corner now, and you’d think podcast listeners would dial down their media consumption, ironically, they don’t. Listeners will always want new content, but this doesn’t mean podcasters don’t have a breathing space during vacations and holidays. The key is to bank on episodes so you really don’t need to ask whether you should run podcast replays or a new episode. Planning ahead will allow you to make a compilation of excerpts from previous episodes that share a common theme or subject which in turn can make for a good special episode. Find out more how you can stay consistent and relevant by either making hybrid episodes or just post one new episode for the week.

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Utilizing Podcast Sales Acceleration To Outsell Anyone with Matthew Pollard

FYB 027 | Podcast Sales Acceleration

A good brand, product or service by itself can never guarantee success if it doesn’t sell on the market. But with strategic sales and marketing, an average product can become the top item. This is how rapid growth expert Matthew Pollard has proven that introverts can outsell extroverts. As a podcaster himself, Matthew shares why potential podcasters need to first find a strong message that will resonate with their demographic to separate them from the rest. One of his strategies for podcast sales acceleration is using his Netflix model of podcasting that will help podcast become a show that entertains, inspires and earns money. Find out how you can niche strategy so more people will not just listen, but also connect, take action and accelerate sales.​

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Baked In Versus Dynamic Insertion Podcast Ads Really Explained

Podcasts were always mean to have ads, not only because it is one way to fund the show, but the influence of the host has tremendous power. Now that the podcasting community is growing, advertisers see the opportunity that lies in this form of media consumption. Dated ads can turn off listeners because who would want to listen to an ad of an event that happened two years ago? Learn more about the evolution of baked in and dynamically inserted podcast ads and the impact it makes in an episode.

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Background Vetting Speakers & Guests with Justin Recla

FYB 025 | Background Vetting

Podcast hosts as influencers have a strong responsibility to provide valuable and proven expert guests. Guests become immediately (and permanently) associated with your brand and with you so care needs to be taken with who you invite and you research and vet those associations.Former government counterintelligence agent, Justin Recla explains why background vetting speakers for events has become such an important part of their business and has emerged as a way to operate in greater transparency and service to attendees. He also talks about ways for podcast hosts to do some digging and look into potential guests.

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The Best Podcast Titles: Engage, Educate and Encourage

FYB 024 | Best Podcast Titles

Podcasts are just one of the handful of ways to consume information in this digital age. And just like news, the title needs to tell the story of the episode at one go. Based on proven journalistic, the best podcast titles are short, precise, engaging and educational. Learn the techniques to writing engaging and compelling podcast titles that will pull people in to listen to your stories and lead to more powerful conversions, actions and sales results.

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Promoting A Book? Jill Lublin Advises: Get a Clear Message and Digital Author Platform

FYB 023 | Author Platform

To promote and sell your book, you need to have clear messages that work to make people interested and answer the question: why they should invest their time and money? Creating content with global digital impact and appeal is a good way to get a solid author platform. Bestselling author of The Profit of Kindness, Jill Lublin believes that making space for a way to give back is a more powerful and profitable strategy. Whether a podcaster or book writer, getting yourself out there means knowing where to focus your values to make your ideas and messages to resonate.

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Attracting Podcast Binge Listeners For Massive Download Growth

FYB 022 | Podcast Binge Listeners

Podcast binge listeners are the hyper consumers you want to attract for massive and fast growth in your downloads and listener base. They make up around 20% of the podcast listener base. There are two special classes of hyper-consumer binge listeners: Podfasters – those that listen at very high speeds so they can listen to more in less time; and Completists – those that listen to every single episode. Discover how attracting these unique types of listeners can boost your podcast fan base.

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Focus On Podcast Content Value & Your Listeners First! with Jules Schroeder

Instead of getting all the affiliates and sponsors, Jules Schroeder decided to pave a path of her own while enjoying life, love and career by putting herself in the shoes of her listeners and having a podcast content value first approach. Podcasting your way to live events can be both scary and fun, but Jules will show you that focusing on value and the people who listen to you can make it an exciting experience. Never putting on a mask is the best way to show that your podcast is a reflection of the journey you are taking.

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Know Your Brand and Start Podcasting Now

FYB 020 | Start Podcasting Now

Figuring out the answer to “Should I do it now or later” means start podcasting now or miss the opportunity for people to listen to you as soon as possible. Doing the right things in the right order isn’t always apparent if you don’t know why you want to podcast in the first place or are unsure what your brand represents. Listen in to Tom and Tracy as they reveal how to overcome a road block every potential podcaster faces.

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The Path To Profit Is Having A Podcast Plan with Dr. Minette Riordan

FYB 019 | Podcast Plan

Being consistent with the content of your brand is key to podcasting. Having a podcast plan no matter what day of the year it is means that you have a clear vision of what you want your listeners to take away from your podcasts. Join Dr. Minette Riordan as she explains how having a podcast plan will help you connect with your listeners.

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Facing Your Podcasting Fears

FYB 018 | Podcasting Fears

A very important point that most podcasters encounter at one time or another is podcasting fears, of which there are at least three: 1) the inertia of podcasting where you have all this anxiety of starting and recording that first episode, 2) the fear from thinking guests might not want to come on your show, 3) the last being the question of, “Is anybody actually going to listen to me?” There are some tactics and tools that people can use to get through these. There is a process we use to help push through those fears and get to that great place where you find your voice. It might surprise you to know that some of the smaller podcasts, the podcasts that have tight niches, are the ones that do the best in terms of transaction and conversion. You just need to speak from the heart and have something unique to say. Always realize that there are many benefits to podcasting and there is a path to achieving that.

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Podcast Success Tips with John Livesay

FYB 017 | Podcast Success
For those podcasters who are struggling with gaining success and exposure, you will learn a lot from John Livesay, The Pitch Whisperer. John has this amazing ability to connect. He helps sales people become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers. In other words, he teaches how to pitch yourself from invisible to investible. Like everyone else, he started his podcast without knowing anything about it. He was nervous and apprehensive to ask guests to be on his show. He started with a certain format or idea in mind and pivoted to what he wanted to focus on. John’s big thing for podcast success is learning how to ask for what you want and get a yes.

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Social Media Master Class

FYB 016 | Social Media

One cannot deny social media’s power and influence today. It seems to be in the very fabric of everything we do, and it definitely won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact, it has continually been growing, which is why you should not miss this opportunity. Social media is an integral part of your platform. If you’re not everywhere today, then you don’t exist. Tracy Hazzard shares a five-step social media action plan to help you leverage social media to grow your business. Take advantage of this social media master class to really get your brand message everywhere.

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The Realities of Website SEO Today with Sam Natello of DotCom

FYB 015 | SEO Today
Creating original content is the name of the game today. It is the key to increasing traffic to your website and to increase Google keyword ranking. The best foundational way to build your platform, grow an audience, and organically market and grow your business and exposure on the internet is through creating written content. And the most efficient way to do that is to use podcasting or videocasting as a tool, then convert it into written content. Sam Natello of DotCom Global Media has been around since the beginning of the internet, and he deals with all different aspects of doing business online. He shares producing great content is the absolute number one thing that Google looks for. Learn how to make new, fresh, original content that’s relevant to your industry from someone who’s seen it all, been there, and done that.

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Matchmaking Your Way To Host Success with Jennifer Spencer

FYB 014 | Host Success

One of the major concerns for podcasts is having great guests. Jennifer Spencer, however, believes it goes both ways. She says that to attract better guests, you have to be a better podcast host. You have to improve the game on the host level. You don’t rely on either having a host do everything or having the guest do everything. It should be a joint collaborative effort to really make the most out of every episode. Jennifer shares that taking that relationship-first focus has really helped a lot in terms of matchmaking the right host and guest for each show to end up with a better listening experience for people that are tuning in.

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How To Become An Inc Columnist

FYB 013 | Inc Columnist

Inc. is a top American weekly magazine that publishes articles about small businesses and startups and features everything you need to know to start and grow your business. It is also one of the best platforms to get your voice heard because the power of that bigger media name next to yours holds a great level of authority. Being a columnist for Inc. really does help give more authority and more power to your brand. Tracy Hazzard has been an Inc. columnist for over two years now. She shares some tips and nuggets on how to become Inc. columnist and get you that wider audience.

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Open Loop Content

FYB 012 | Open Loop

We often hear about the open loop technique to inspire curiosity and spur action. But what is it really? For most of us, open loop content is a mystery or a teaser. It’s what keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat. Open loop content is effective at getting and keeping your audience’s attention because our brains are wired to seek closure or fill in the blanks. This works on the premise that open looping something that the brain can’t fill in will leave you anticipating and excited to find out more. In other words, you stay glued to the page until you get some answers or you’re satisfied. Open looping future as well as past content will have people hanging on to hear what’s next and what’s coming up in the future.

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Is SEO Management Dead?

FYB 011 | SEO Management

The digital world is always changing and SEO or Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot in the last ten years. It has become unnecessary in the world of digital marketing and in the world of your website today. With 1.3 billion websites today, it’s hard to be heard on Google. But believe it or not, it is not necessary for you to have an SEO manager who helps you get search engine optimization on a daily basis and getting you ranked in all the top keywords. You only need three things – an updated website, good and relevant content and advertising. Learn how you can apply these to optimize your site, grow your business and keep it thriving.

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It’s All About Google Power Content

FYB 010 | It's All About Google Power Content

Whether you like it or not, Google does hold the keys to the castle of marketing on the internet today. All the pay-per-click values are assigned by them, and they are the place that you buy and pay for ads. At the end of the day, the key to ranking on Google and being able to make money through your content comes down to the written content. With 1.2 billion websites on it, the entire world is going to Google to search for answers. How is your platform holding up in the rankings? To determine this, we use a five-point platform evaluation for platform reviews. The five things to check are their web, their social media presence, their influence, their content and then their promotion. The most important thing to remember is originality is the key. Google cares about original content, consistently and constantly provided, and making that content available to the world.

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Finding The Perfect Podcast Influencers

FYB 009 | Finding The Perfect Podcast Influencers
What defines an influencer? It’s one of the most important things to look into when you’re trying to find the perfect podcast influencer to guest on your show. You may easily think anybody who’s very high profile in media, whether that’s old school media such as print, TV and radio or social media, somebody who has a lot of exposure and who’s always under the limelight is probably an influencer. It is not always so. If you want to power your site and your podcast, if you want to get more business, there’s a very big difference. Sometimes even a celebrity delivers you no traffic. What you’d want are influencers who are going to deliver you their audience. They’re going to be great at pushing out your message because they’re going to be so excited about being on your show that they’re going to tell everybody and put it into their website. When looking for guests for your podcast, the relationship should be mutually respectful and beneficial. Learn some pro tips on how to do your research in this regard.

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Best Selling Author Vs Podcast Host

FYB 08 | Podcast Host
Is it better to be a podcast host or a bestselling author? Which one has more authority? We think being a podcast host before trying to put out a book can have more influence nowadays. Having a podcast can actually help you when you do release a book. If you check it out, the number of podcast hosts being interviewed on regular late night shows and political shows are tremendously increasing in frequency and popularity. The same thing is happening in events. Podcast hosts are being sought after as speakers for events all around because there’s a significant difference and weight to them. When you have a lot of listeners and you can carry an audience for a long period of time, it says three things about you – you’re entertaining or edutaining, you’re delivering good value, and you have audience authority, all of the things event promoters want. So if you have a choice between starting a podcast or writing a book, start the podcast. It will help you write the book and also give you authority to be able to pitch that book later.

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Visual Impact Graphics

FYB 07 | Visual Impact Graphics
What are visual impact graphics and how they are different from the other graphics we see out there today? Visual impact graphics are feed stoppers. They’re the stuff that stops you when you’re scrolling down your social media feed like Facebook. That’s the ultimate goal of visual impact, and that’s what we want. Consistency of graphics for highlighting your content from day today and week to week is not what you should be going for. The visual way that podcast graphics looks with the layout, color placement and type face, where all look the same from one to another, rank much lower than ones that are different. Different people look at different things. One of the things that you should strive for is having a unique image, a unique header, and even unique colors from week to week. You basically want to make the majority of the image look different. See the difference when you mix up the font colors, the background colors, the images you choose for your podcast graphics.

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FYB 006 | Authenticity
The term authenticity is being thrown around a lot, especially in marketing but what does it really mean? So many brands are slaughtering their own brands by not being good to their customers and by not being authentic. It’s hard to hide your authentic self when you’re podcasting or video casting. Your audience who listen to you either on video streams or video or audio programs in a podcast can tell when you’re being authentic and when you’re not. The brands that are more authentic brands are actually doing better. Know more about what it means to be authentic and why that is so important in relating and connecting more with your audience, and learn some pro tips on how to be authentic in your platforms.

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Ego Bait

FYB 05 | Ego Bait
One of the things that is found to be tremendously effective as a podcasting tool is ego bait. Ego bait is you saying something so flattering to the person’s ego or something so wonderful about them that they can’t help but share it and embed it in their website. It might also be something brilliant they said as they were interviewed, how they answered a question or a quote from them. It doesn’t always work as well with views when you say something about them that is flattering, but when you do it in context, it becomes a little bit better. It all depends on your audience and the ego level of the people that you’re talking about. Learn more about ego bait and discover the process of how you can do it and implement this strategy to your business.

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The Power of a Platform

Power of a Platform
You hear it all the time from marketing agents and PR firms, “You need a platform.” What does a platform really mean? The simplest analogy for it is to imagine it this way. A platform is your stage that you stand on. It’s your event room. The bigger and taller the platform you have, the bigger your audience will be. The three major components of a good platform are your website, social media platforms and influencing network. Those three things will grow your platform the fastest and grow it consistently and make it even. You need to build up that foundation all at the same time if you can. You can greatly benefit from it through web traffic, your friends and followers, all of things are a part of your mail list are finding you and they’re seeing what you’re posting every single day.

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Company Brand vs. Podcast Show Brand

FYB 03 | Podcast Show Brand
When you’re in the early stages of considering how you’re going to get your message out to the world, one of the most important thing to have is a branding conversation. Using your company brand as your podcast show brand may not benefit you, unless in special circumstances where your brand really is you. We have seen it be not in your best interest, and it does not do as well if your podcast show brand matches your company name or if there is a clear distinction between the company brand and your podcast show brand and/or videocast brand or whatever that might be. When we see that, they are less effective and they draw less audience. At the end of the day, what you want to talk about is what your company can offer. You want to have an ability to have a broader topic because you can reach more people through that broader topic than you can if you keep it narrow to only what you sell or only what your business is about.

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The Marketing Rollercoaster

FYB 02 | Marketing Rollercoaster
As a business owner, you may not know it buy you are probably on a marketing rollercoaster. You know you’re on the marketing rollercoaster when you work really hard to blog post and Facebook and Tweet and you send out all these messages and you make videos. Then you go to a business conference or an event and they talk about things you might have not known. You get all excited and run real fast to do a bunch of marketing and get more business out of it. All of a sudden, you get too busy and comfortable and aren’t working on your business as much to promote it. You drop off on the marketing and then start to go down the rollercoaster. You’ve taken a deep dive and you start to panic as you’re hitting the bottom. You have that dip in revenue that comes from the dip in the rollercoaster. Understand that the marketing rollercoaster hurts you everywhere. It hurts your brand, it hurts your revenue, it hurts your Google authority. Learn how to get off the marketing roller coaster so you can avoid those dips in marketing as well as revenue.

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Feed Your Brand Podcast Mission

FYB 01 | Feed Your Brand
This is a new podcast about brandcasting. It’s about brandcasting you. Brandcasting is about making money broadcasting your brand, whether it’s making money directly or it’s making money in your business by having more business. Tom and Tracy Hazzard want to serve you in a way to help you take your brand to the next level. Their plan is to cover all areas and types of things that you might do to generate content and get that message out there and be heard in all places. This is about broadcasting your unique, original message to the world and helping you rise above the crowd. It’s about helping you build that platform that you are going to have raving fans and people ready to buy your services or your products.

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