Best Selling Author Vs Podcast Host

FYB 08 | Podcast Host
We’re going to discuss a somewhat controversial topic today; is it better to be a podcast host or a bestselling author? We discuss the reasons why we think that being a podcast host can have more influence nowadays, or at least being a podcast host first before trying to put out a book. We also provide some examples of how having a podcast can help you when you do release a book.

Visual Impact Graphics

FYB 07 | Visual Impact Graphics
Today, our topic is visual impact graphics. We discuss what they are and how they are different from the other graphics we see out there today. We also tell you exactly what we mean by having graphics that have visual impact and we even give you an example of a podcast to show you the difference.


FYB 006 | Authenticity
We’re going to talk about authenticity today. This term is being thrown around a lot, especially in marketing. Today, we’re going to tell you exactly what it means to be authentic, and why that is so important in relating and connecting more with your audience. We also provide you with some pro tips on how to be authentic in your platforms.

Customer Dashboard Guided Tour

Please view the video below to learn how to use the general functions of our customer dashboard. By using the Brandcasting You Customer Dashboard you are able to submit our podcasts directly to our editing team. This will help get your podcasts edited faster and help...