Best Selling Author Vs Podcast Host

FYB 08 | Podcast Host
Is it better to be a podcast host or a bestselling author? Which one has more authority? We think being a podcast host before trying to put out a book can have more influence nowadays. Having a podcast can actually help you when you do release a book. If you check it out, the number of podcast hosts being interviewed on regular late night shows and political shows are tremendously increasing in frequency and popularity. The same thing is happening in events. Podcast hosts are being sought after as speakers for events all around because there’s a significant difference and weight to them. When you have a lot of listeners and you can carry an audience for a long period of time, it says three things about you – you’re entertaining or edutaining, you’re delivering good value, and you have audience authority, all of the things event promoters want. So if you have a choice between starting a podcast or writing a book, start the podcast. It will help you write the book and also give you authority to be able to pitch that book later.

Visual Impact Graphics

FYB 07 | Visual Impact Graphics
What are visual impact graphics and how they are different from the other graphics we see out there today? Visual impact graphics are feed stoppers. They’re the stuff that stops you when you’re scrolling down your social media feed like Facebook. That’s the ultimate goal of visual impact, and that’s what we want. Consistency of graphics for highlighting your content from day today and week to week is not what you should be going for. The visual way that podcast graphics looks with the layout, color placement and type face, where all look the same from one to another, rank much lower than ones that are different. Different people look at different things. One of the things that you should strive for is having a unique image, a unique header, and even unique colors from week to week. You basically want to make the majority of the image look different. See the difference when you mix up the font colors, the background colors, the images you choose for your podcast graphics.


FYB 006 | Authenticity
The term authenticity is being thrown around a lot, especially in marketing but what does it really mean? So many brands are slaughtering their own brands by not being good to their customers and by not being authentic. It’s hard to hide your authentic self when you’re podcasting or video casting. Your audience who listen to you either on video streams or video or audio programs in a podcast can tell when you’re being authentic and when you’re not. The brands that are more authentic brands are actually doing better. Know more about what it means to be authentic and why that is so important in relating and connecting more with your audience, and learn some pro tips on how to be authentic in your platforms.

Customer Dashboard Guided Tour

Please view the video below to learn how to use the general functions of our customer dashboard. By using the Brandcasting You Customer Dashboard you are able to submit our podcasts directly to our editing team. This will help get your podcasts edited faster and help...