Radio Podcasts vs. Brand Podcasts

FYB 034 | Radio Podcasts
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Technology and digital marketing is coming full circle once again with radio podcasts coming onto the scene. Podcasts broadcasting live on the radio is not bad thing, but there are some points that might not fit your digital marketing goals. These radio pitfalls are often not seen readily like the following: the content and the type of audience which can sometimes lead to brand confusion between the radio station and the podcaster. The fact the radio shows involve no tech is appealing to many, especially to new podcasters, but there is a need to know what they are getting into and what they will be getting into once they decide to part ways with the station. Learn more of the podcast pros and radio show cons and why there should always be an exit strategy from the very start.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Pulls In with Jean Ginzburg

FYB 033 | Digital Marketing Strategies

Podcasters building a business usually don’t have a strategy when followers start to pour in, while there are others who aren’t getting enough customers. A good funnel starts with good communication with followers that will help identify an ideal market. Instead of pushing sales faster, adding value to the campaign is a wiser move. Jean Ginzburg has been in the digital market for 11 years and the best-selling author of Win New Customers. She believes that identifying your customer avatar is the first step in good digital marketing strategies. Understand your audience’s pain points and work on those to build a relevant and valuable content. Learn more of her strategies in reading data and optimizing digital campaigns.

Dealing With Trolls And Podcast Haters

FYB 032 | Podcast Haters

As podcast hosts, it is your right to express your opinion in your show. However there will respond with a negative be people who will be responding in a negative perception. Podcast haters and trolls feed on podcasters who not only have no way to deal with them but also respond back in anger feeding the negative energy. These trolls and haters live to antagonize people and actually find it amusing when a hateful conversation blows out of control. You lose if you don’t respond, and they win once you do. One way around this to take time and check out these haters and trolls, respond with politeness instead of anger. Make it personal and make them realize they’ve made a mistake.

Ultimate Entrepreneur Strategies: Opportunity Gap Marketing with Jay Abraham

FYB 031 | Opportunity Gap Marketing

Start with purpose, intention and goals. These three can make the difference in any business. Just like marketing and advertisement guru Jay Abraham, every business owner’s goal should be to sustain a relationship with his clients with the intention of being high value provider in the relationship. Being authentic to your brand and finding others who have similar goals and different sources is opportunity gap marketing with power partners. This is the ultimate competitive advantage that truly serves the people. Jay Abraham shares insights on power partnering will make a difference in your business.

Do You Need A Podcast Mastermind?

FYB 030 | Podcast Mastermind

It is always a great idea to get a mentor or a coach once you decide to get on the path of improvement. Business owners and podcasters are the same because they don’t know what they don’t know and one way to improve is letting someone else in to tell you what you need to do. However, there is no need for a podcast mastermind because they cost too much and are just a bunch of people who are at the same level as you are. What is needed specifically are mentors and coaches that are leagues better, more advanced and diverse, because they can fill in that gap between you and them. There is a need for coaches and mentors because there are podcasters that still feel like they are a novice, and with this comes their understanding that there is room for more learning to do things differently and do things better.