Our Mission

At Brandcasters we strive to make podcast production effortless, while maximizing the benefits your podcast brings you. Through our SEO powered blog posts your google rank will soar. We care about our podcasters and making them look the best they can be. Our automated guest communication increases your share ability and increases back links to your website. As easy as Upload, Record, Done.

The Team

Tom Hazzard
Founder and CEO
Tracy Hazzard
Founder and CFO
Alexandra Hazzard
COO - Champion of Order & Reason

As Brandcasters for entrepreneurs, authors & experts, husband and wife team, Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard help major publications, sports stars, and entrepreneurial influencers broadcast their original messages. A highly successful inventor and product designer, Tom has been rethinking brand innovation to build in authority and high-converting revenue streams. Tracy brings an insider media/promotion perspective as an Innovation Columnist for Inc., best-selling author and international speaker. Together, they are blog writers and co-hosts for Feed Your Brand, Product Launch Hazzards & WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcasts providing businesses of all sizes a system to spread their marketing message, grow a valuable audience, and retain valuable platform authority without a lot of time, cost or effort.

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